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GreenLadyCoin is the TOKEN with largest projection in Argentina. The global growing demand of cannabis products motivated us to adapt a cutting-edge position to create a bargaining chip for all Green Lady Products. In this manner, we facilitate worldwide users a secure fast and efficient payment method. With GreenLadyCoin, users will be able to acquire products, memberships, and raffle participations regarding important prizes of the cannabis industry.

Tokenomics - Slipage
Purchase 4%

- 2% Marketing
- 2% Development

Sale 4%

- 2% Marketing
- 2% Develpment



Phase 1

• Roadmap Preparation ✅
• Concept Generation / General Token Idea ✅
• Home Page Creation / Logo ✅
• Communty Development (Pre-Marketing) ✅ 
• Social Nets Creation ✅
• Telegram Creation ✅

Phase 2

• GLD Team And Project Presentation ✅
• GLD Installation and Achivements Presentation ✅
• Community Surveys (AMA) (ESP e ING)✅
• Streaming Content (AMAs Recordings)✅
• Governance / Tokenomics Development✅
• CBD Patients Surveys✅


Phase 3

• Sponsors / Investors / Influencers✅
• LaunchPads Publications
• Token Audit
• Whitelist Pre-Sale
• Public Pre-Sale

Phase 4

• Marketing / Social Nets / Media
• Token PancakeSwap Launch
• Contest Collectable NFTs
• Cannabis Club & Memberships
• CBD dispensary for holders
• REPROCANN for holders
• Seeds Bank


Fase 5

• Cannabis Community and Asociations
• GLD South America Products Exportation
• GLD Resto of the World Exportation
• WebPage/E-Commerce/Logistics Creation 
• NFT game & Metaverso Creation

Fase 6

Available from April 2023

How to Buy
Green Lady Coin 

Meet Us

Despite the growing medical cannabis industry in Argentina; an imminent law could soon regulate the use of industrial hemp. The legalization of cannabis in more than 40 countries call the attention of National Estates, Scientifics Communities and Companies. Considering industrial purposes, cannabis can be used to produce paper, constructions materials, cosmetics, food, textiles, oils, scents, biofuels, and fertilizers. For more than 15 years, Green Lady CEO, the “matancero” Eduardo Araujo, dedicated himself to cannabis cultivation. The company has strongly invested in its investigation and development. This work allowed to produce obtain different cannabis genetics which area currently in registration process at the INASE (Instituto Nacional de Semillas - National Seeds Institute). Moreover, the company is working on the implementation of several agreements with National Universities and scientists from different medical institutions to carry out clinical trials with their cannabis genetics at 98% of CBD. 




Green Lady S.A.

We are a private society, legally registered under Argentinean legislation, with more than 16 years of experience producing different links of the Medical Cannabis Industry. We have an interdisciplinary team of professionals and experienced cultivators, who daily dedicate to develop products, solutions, services of the cannabis, medical and agriculture industry.




To provide raw materials for cannabis cultivation optimization. We want to promote auto-cultivation and the development of industrial hemp in Argentina as well as the medical and scientific investigation of medical cannabis plants diverse uses.




To be regional leaders in the production, commercialization and distribution of cannabis byproducts and cannabis hemp in the national and international market.




Green Lady was created at the end of 2004, due to the necessity to obtain good growing, pushed us to produce our own raw material to obtain an ideal harvest. Today the company has almost a dozen of Grow Shops along Ciudad de Buenos Aires and Provincia de Buenos Aires, which sell their own line of probiotics, fertilizers, substratum, accessories, lights, and others. In this manner, Green Lady quickly became one of the main leaders in the cannabis market. The quality of its products allowed the company to set the new challenge: the wide world exportation of seeds, dry flowers, and CBD & THC extractions.
Currently, the company actively supports scientific and innovation projects regarding the use of medical cannabis and the use of industrial hemp to promote the national development of productivity in our country. 







Eduardo Araujo
CEO y Founder
Gaston Torres
Investor Partner 
Germán Boffa
Investor Partner
Lucas Larzabal
Investor Partner
Luciano Anchava
Investor Partner 
Federico Gomez
Investor Partner 
Ezequiel Gazek
Investor Partner 
Patricio Toloza
Factory Manager
Fercho Beret
Management and Development
Diego Vissu
Blockchain Developer
Diego Amicarelli
Community Manager

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